ARTICLE FIVE: As a non-profit organization no natural or juridical persons are to be considered investors, associates, or partners of the FOUNDATION, nor shall they, their representatives, descendants, or inheritors be so considered in the future. Natural or juridical persons, who donate assets to the FOUNDATION, be they in the form of funds, property or in-kind donations, shall not have any special influence, preeminence, position or receive personal favors for having contributed to the FOUNDATION. Neither shall the, Directors, nor any other natural or juridical persons derive financial benefit or receive any part of the net income of the FOUNDATION. In the case that a Director, or other private person is employed or provides special services to the FOUNDATION they shall have the right to such reasonable compensation that the FOUNDATION shall pay on a competitive basis for services actually rendered, or allowed as a reasonable allowance for authorized expenditures incurred on behalf of the FOUNDATION.