The first tutor training for Health and Disease was conducted in the regional training centre at Sesenaro, Milne Bay Region in August 2013.

The training was attended by 10 tutors and 10 graduated students. This was the first regional tutor training held in Daga and was sponsored by the Bahai local spiritual assembly of Sesenaro with support from nearby Bahai Local spiritual Assembly of Nepesip.

The aim of the unit is to educate people with preventative approaches towards health by initiating conversation among the family, individuals and within the community.

The first half day of the training was very celebrative with preparation of food and welcome traditional singing. The representative of the rays of light board -Ambros Dewangu gave an intro to the rays of light and its programs. When the people were informed of the new book to be studied in Daga, a roar of cheers and happiness arose from the attendees indicating people's enthusiasm for knowledge. The training started late in the afternoon with introduction of the participants and section one of the unit 'processes of community life'. A nursing officer was invited to participate but due to other commitment she didn't come. Despite the unavailability of a competent health worker, an appropriate learning phase put into study and consultation and the application of the practices had generated a lot of learning. The practices in section three to six had given opportunity to initiate conversation with the people in the community bearing in mind the two extremes when thinking about the knowledge possessed by the people we are trying to serve; one extreme is by assuming people are ignorant. The second extreme is disregarding the influence of modern science and tenaciously attaching to traditional knowledge which has being practice for generations.

One challenge was the knowledge of modern medicine. There was a rich knowledge of herbs to heal diseases that affect our gastrointestinal system. When we had the practices with the community members and explain the causes and how to prevent from being infected, we also recommended for people to see a competent nurse if the situation worsens. One thought evolved in mind during the study is to buy the recommended medicines purposely to use during the training so the tutors are aware of the tablets referred to. Some medicines suggested are; albendazole, mebendazole, ivermectin, nitazoxinide and metronidzole.

The pictures below are showing the tutors doing their presentation with the community explaining the cycles of the parasites affect the human body.