The Rays of Light Foundation was formally established in 2008 as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation. 


The foundation works to provide social and economic development to Papua New Guinea, focusing on the education of children and youth.  The main aim of the foundation - to provide educational opportunities for those without access to schooling - is illumined by the teachings of the Baháí Faith which espouses the principle of universal education for all people.

The organisation aims to expand and consolidate the Preparation for Social Action (PSA)  programme and the Elementary Teacher Training (ETT) course in Papua New Guinea.  (For more information about PSA and ETT click the links or contact us).

Rays of Light has begun to conduct the PSA programme and ETT course with a focus on rural education in several provinces in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.  Our vision is to provide through both training activities, more elementary schools and high school PSA groups in supplement to the government and denominational schools already existing, in particular to areas where there are no educational institutions available to the people of the area.