The Preparation for Social Action (PSA) programme was designed and developed by the institution known as FUNDAEC (an acronym for Fundación para la Aplicación y Enseñanza de las Ciencias - or The Foundation for the Application and Teaching of the Sciences, in English). 


The programme which is a derivative of a programme originally known as Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial originated in Colombia and has a history of more than 30 years of successful operation in that country.  (More information about Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial can be found at  Preparation for Social Action has been established in various developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Americas and now in the Pacific using education to "produce positive changes in society". 

The Rays of Light Foundation is affiliated with FUNDAEC, registered and approved to implement the Preparation for Social Action programme in the regions of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

psa2Preparation for Social Action is implemented as a high school programme in Papua New Guinea by the Rays of Light Foundation, commencing at the completion of Year 8 for those students participating.  The curriculum is academically rigorous, and, according to many evaluations which have been made, matches the "finest programs in the world".

What distinguishes PSA from most other educational programmes is the emphasis on both intellectual and moral empowerment.  With a particular focus on the rural education setting, the course materials have special relevance to those involved in typical village and rural community life.  Participants in the programme develop capacities through the study of the material and through service projects.  The aim is the students to become "Promoters of Community Well-Being", a designation given to those working towards developing their local geographical region (or microregion).

Through a research-action-learning approach the participants apply their newly founded knowledge in the fields of service relevant to their community's needs and are actively involved in individual and collective transformation, working for the material and spiritual improvement of the community and becoming true protagonists of their own development.  Service to the community is the core aspect of the structure of the PSA curriculum.

psa3The "Promoters of Community Well-Being" level of the PSA programme contains 26 units of instruction. Rather than divide knowledge up into the traditional subject areas, Preparation for Social Action focuses on teaching different capabilities which often integrate knowledge from different aspects of the universe of knowledge which "prepare students to work for the transformation of present-day society".  For practical purposes the 26 units are broadly grouped into five areas including mathematics, language, science, technology and service to the community; however each unit incorporates knowledge from different disciplines, integrating relevant concepts, information and skills to form capabilities in the students which empower them in a path of service to the community.

As an educational programme, PSA can also be seen as a source of social and economic development effort and is thus offered as a contribution by the Rays of Light Foundation to the prosperity of society.  Rather than seeing the solution to the problem of the development of education as a fixed product needing to be delivered to and applied upon a population, Preparation for Social Action provides a framework for education and development that is complimentary to the specific processes of community life in the region, thus empowers participation in social change directed by the people themselves.

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