CommunityAs previously mentioned, although Rays of Light provides the training, ongoing assistance and guidance to schools operated by graduates of the ETT program, the ownership of the school lies with the community.  Village communities are participating in this social and economic development effort through the training of some of its members and by building their own schools.  This includes the basic infrastructure which is constructed on the premises of the village, the training of personnel which is provided by Rays of Light and the ongoing sustaining of the educational program with the resources needed to run the classroom activities.

In this way communities become empowered to provide for the needs of their children where those needs are not already met and they come to care for those young ones who are truly the treasure and promise of their community.  The raising of schools from the grass roots in our region, nurtured and guided by the Rays of Light Foundation, provides the conditions for responsible and sustainable development.

It goes without saying that the schools established are directed to open their doors to all the families in their community and surrounding areas.