ett comunityInspired by the thoughts that education is one of the most meritorious acts that a person can dedicate themselves to Rays of Light trained teachers are motivated to put themselves at the service of the community in their work as educators.  Vital to this work is the recognition of the importance of their role when performed with expertise and in this spirit of service which is espoused in the course.

The ETT guides the trainee teachers to recognise the nobility of the human character, and how vital the teacher is in helping the children to grow physically, academically and morally.  In the same way that the gardener trains the plant to grow straight, so does the teacher help the student to acquire that which is good for them in their material and spiritual dimensions.

Most important in their role is their ability to set an example that demonstrates to the children the different qualities they must work hard to perfect.  To be just in their dealings with the all people, clean, courteous and punctual in their manner, to be determined and disciplined in their studies are just some of the qualities which must be shown first by the teacher if it is to be instilled in the children.