After the education reforms in Papua New Guinea the first three years of instruction in the education system became known as elementary school consisting of EP (Elementary Prep), E1 (Elementary Year 1) and E2 (Elementary Year 2).  Elementary Teacher Training (ETT) is offered by Rays of Light to communities which need assistance to train teachers for the education of the youngest of their school aged children.

Distinct from other teacher training courses, ETT trains teachers with a combination of the best of modern educational pedagogy and with the perspective of service to the community which is infused into the ethos of the training.  In this first phase of the expansion of the program, ETT is being offered to a controlled group of teachers in a selected area so that the program can be monitored and learning about how to implement the program can be made. Madang and Milne Bay Provinces are the two areas selected for this initial process.

The foundation for the ETT is built on two units of study for the prospective elementary teachers including 'Concepts Towards a Positive School Environment' and 'Attitudes and Qualities of the Teacher'.  However ongoing training is provided to teachers trained by the Rays of Light Foundation who strive to improve the many facets to their teaching ability.  If you would like to know more about the training materials please contact us.

Similarly to the aims of the Rays of Light Foundation for providing the PSA programme, the goals for providing the service of training elementary teachers is to assist in the goal of universal education for all of the elementary aged children in Papua New Guinea.  In harmony with other elementary schools, the schools established by the teachers trained by Rays of Light join government and other denominational and non-denominational schools in the challenge of providing a quality education for all.  Rays of Light has a particular focus in providing this service for rural and remote communities and communities who do not have the means of giving every child a quality learning opportunity in this vital first step in their education.

In the following paragraphs, some of the aspects of the schools formed from the training in ETT are provided to show how the Rays of Light Foundation is contributing to social and economic development in this field of early education.